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  • The Victim/Survivor/Prey

  1. The Law & Women Victims of Domestic Violence
  2. Help & Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence
  3. Why Victims Do Not Leave Abusive Partner
  4. PTSD, Trauma & Domestic Violence
  5. Murder of Female Intimate Partners
  6. Traumatic Bonding & Stockholm Syndrome
  7. Human Trafficking, Rights & Domestic Violence
  8. Coping Strategies of Abused Women
  9. Videos: Women & Violence
  10. Scapegoating Domestic Violence Victims
  11. Repetition Trauma in Relationships
  12. Sexual Harassment & Domestic Violence


  • The Family & Children Victimization

  1. Children & Domestic Violence
  2. Family Annihilators/Fathers Who Kill Their Children
  3. Mothers Protecting Their Children


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