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125px-Flag_of_Albania_svg Albania,   Algeria Flag  Algeria, Angola FlagAngola,   clip_image002   Argentina, clip_image004Australia.  clip_image006Austria,   Bahamas,   Bangladesh,    Barbados,  clip_image008Belgium,  clip_image010Bolivia,   Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag   Bosnia and Herzegovina,   clip_image014   Brazil,    Flag_of_Burundi_svg Burundi,  clip_image018Canada,  clip_image020   Chile,   Colombia,   Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica,    Croatia,   Cyprus FlagCyprus,  clip_image022Czech Republic,  clip_image024  Denmark,   clip_image026Dominican Republic,   Ecuador FlagEcuador,  clip_image028Egypt,   Ethiopia FlagEthiopia, clip_image030   France,  Georgia FlagGeorgia,  clip_image032Germany,  clip_image034   Ghana,    Greece,  Grenada FlagGrenada, clip_image038Hong Kong, clip_image040Hungary,  clip_image044    India,  clip_image046  Indonesia,  clip_image048Ireland, clip_image050  Israel, clip_image052   Italy, clip_image056Japan,  clip_image058Kenya,     Latvia,  Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of FlagMacedonia,   clip_image060Malaysia,clip_image062Malta,    Mauritius,   clip_image064   Mexico,  Morocco,   Mozambique Flag  Mozambique,  Myanmar Flag Myanmar,   Flag_of_Namibia_svg Namibia,  clip_image068   Netherlands,  clip_image070New Zealand,  Nicaragua Flag  Nicaragua, clip_image072Nigeria, clip_image074Norway,  clip_image076Pakistan, , clip_image078Panama,  Peru Flag  Peru,  clip_image080   Philippines,   clip_image082Poland,  clip_image084  Portugal,  clip_image086   Puerto Rico, Qatar,  clip_image088Republic of Korea,  Réunion FlagRéunion,   clip_image090   Romania,     Russian Federation,   clip_image094Saudi Arabia, Senegal FlagSenegal,  clip_image096Serbia, clip_image098Singapore, clip_image100Slovakia,, clip_image102Slovenia,   Flag_of_the_Solomon_Islands.svgSolomon Islands   clip_image104South Africa,   clip_image106   Spain,  clip_image108Sri Lanka,  clip_image110Sweden,   clip_image112Switzerland,  Tanzania Flag2 Tanzania, clip_image116 Thailand,   Tunisia FlagTunisia,    clip_image118Turkey, clip_image120   Ukraine,  clip_image122United Arab Emirates,  clip_image124   United Kingdom,  clip_image126   United States,   clip_image128   Uruguay,    Venezuela, clip_image130Viet Nam

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