Harriet Mohr

By highlighting incidents of women around the world who are oppressed, abused, tortured and murdered, I hope to make a significant contribution to a movement toward change.

In March 2010, Harriet and her husband Bill co-founded the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project blog. To date, it has received over 102,000 views from readers in 179 countries. Initially, the focus was on Holocaust survivors who found safe haven in Haiti. As the blog expanded it covered other subjects on several Pinterest boards.

Building on the Pinterest boards Spotlight on Women and Violence, on June 1, 2014, Harriet began a new blog, Spotlight on Women and Violence with the first Tikkun Olam Award given to Laura Dunn. Click HERE to see the most recent Pinterest pins that have been posted related to Women and Violence.

Harriet Mohr’s background includes a degree, with honors, in the Psychology of Women and is the author of a spiritual trilogy: What the Soul Teaches, Meditations on Self-Discovery and Enlightenment and The God Within. In connection with these publications, she lectured extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area including the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Graduate School and DeAnza College. She was a speaker at the annual conferences of the American Psychological Association and the International Transpersonal Psychology Association. In connection with the promotion of her book, What the Soul Teaches, she lectured and did book signings at more than 20 locations in Northern California including seven branches of Barnes & Noble and Border’s Books, as well as book signings and lectures in Carmel and the Wine Country. She also lectured at Global Village Books in Cambridge, MA.

Her presentations to religious groups included: The Graduate Theological Union – Center for Women and Religion, San Francisco Jewish Center, First Unitarian Universal Church, Unity Center and the Cultural Integration Fellowship.

During the 1980’s, she was internationally recognized as a writer in the field of human development. She co-authored, with her husband, Bill, a B. Dalton bestseller, which is a business book and college sociology text: Quality Circles: Changing Images of People at Work (Addison-Wesley 1983). The government of Saudi Arabia, for translation into Arabic, selected the book for management training in government offices. Together with her husband Bill, Harriet also wrote several articles for publications including the book, Productivity and Quality through People by Shetty and Buehler. Harriet was a guest columnist for The Japan Times. In 1985, she made a video documentary in England, showing interviews she conducted with members of the British government, academia and business communities. She is listed in Who’s Who in the West, 1985-86 and Who’s Who in American Women, 1987-88.


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