Harriet Mohr

Harriet Mohr has a degree, with honors, in the Psychology of Women and is the author of a spiritual trilogy: What the Soul Teaches, Meditations on Self-Discovery and Enlightenment and The God Within. In connection with these publications, she lectured extensively in the Bay Area including the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Graduate School and DeAnza College. She was a speaker at the annual conferences of the American Psychological Association and the International Transpersonal Psychology Association. In connection with the promotion of her book, What the Soul Teaches, she lectured and did book signings at more than 20 locations in Northern California including seven branches of Barnes & Noble and Border’s Books, as well as book signings and lectures in Carmel and the Wine Country. She also lectured at Global Village Books in Cambridge, MA.

Her presentations to religious groups included: The Graduate Theological Union – Center for Women and Religion, San Francisco Jewish Center, First Unitarian Universal Church, Unity Center and the Cultural Integration Fellowship.

During the 1980’s, she was internationally recognized as a writer in the field of human development. She co-authored, with her husband, Bill, a B. Dalton bestseller, which is a business book and college sociology text: Quality Circles: Changing Images of People at Work (Addison-Wesley 1983). The government of Saudi Arabia, for translation into Arabic, selected the book for management training in government offices. Together with her husband Bill, Harriet also wrote several articles for publications including the book, Productivity and Quality through People by Shetty and Buehler. Harriet was a guest columnist for The Japan Times. In 1985, she made a video documentary in England, showing interviews she conducted with members of the British government, academia and business communities. She is listed in Who’s Who in the West, 1985-86 and Who’s Who in American Women, 1987-88.



Reviews on Harriet Mohr’s books:

“What the Soul Teaches is uncomplicated wisdom at its best. A collection of gems.”
–   Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of many books.

“Myths are statements or stories that address the core issues of human existence and have behavioral consequences.  Some myths are epic sagas but others expressed their meaning in one or two sentences.  Examples of the latter would be proverbs, maxims, epigrams, and aphorisms.  In former centuries, western (and even eastern) mythology (for the most part) has been male- centered, male-directed, and male-authored.  Harriet Mohr has attempted to redress this imbalance by providing her readers with a series of epigrams written in a feminine voice.  Simultaneously delightful and profound, her book can be profitably (and pleasurably) read by members of both genders, providing the direction and balance that has been too long absent in technological, industrialized societies.”
– Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Saybrook University, San Francisco, is a fellow in four American Psychological Association divisions, and past-president of two divisions.  He is author and co-author of many books and articles.

“In modern terms only the psychology of C.G. Jung could explain the inner appeal to the deep Self, and the revelations concerning the especially feminine aspects of individuation. I recommend these spiritual teachings to all readers of all ages and in all walks of life.”
–  Donald P. Sandner, M.D., past president of the C.G. Jung Institute. Author of several books.


“The style is wonderful, the thoughts profound, and the presentation is such that makes the concept really accessible to anyone reading it.
The whole idea of Echad is that all the parts are really one, because of the Divine spark in everything, and because Elokim – G-d in nature – is really the same as Havaye, the ein sof.  I think you really capture that in a way that can be understood by anyone.”
– Rabbi Yosef Levin, Director, Chabad of Greater South Bay, Northern California


“Harriet Mohr has created a unique and inspiring artwork. With surprising depth, her simple aphorisms take us into new places of inner awareness of ourselves.”
– Dwight H. Judy, Ph.D., Chair of External Studies, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

“This slim volume reminds us through its good words of the most important teaching of all: that the one road to be taken lives within your own heart.”
-Jane Hirshfield, Renowned award winning author of eight collections of poetry

“This little book is filled with inspiration, guidance, wisdom and caring.”
– Morton Kelsey, Jungian therapist, author of more than 30 books, counselor, religious writer and Episcopal priest.

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November 27, 2019
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