LEGAL MOMENTUM: The Women’s Legal Defense & Education Fund

 Legal Momentum Logo

LEGAL MOMENTUM is the oldest gender-justice legal advocacy group in the United States. Legal Momentum does not rest on its laurels, however. We continue to work on cutting-edge issues, and use cutting-edge tools and strategies to advance the rights of girls and women, with a particular focus on girls and women of color.Legal Momentum works to advance gender equality and freedom from violence at home,in public places, the classroom, the courtroom, and the workplace !y using civil rights litigation, legislative change, policy reform, and education “of the public, judges, and government officials#. We are collaborating with policy makers, legislators, corporate leaders, and media experts.
OUR MISSION is to ensure economic and personal security for all women and girls!y advancing equity in education, the workplace, the home, and the courts.
• Protect Domestic Violence Victims in the Workplace
• Advocate to End Commercial Sexual Trafficking of Girls and Women
• Promote Education Equity and Combat Campus Sexual Assault
• Protect Pregnant Workers and Eliminate Workplace Barriers
• Eliminate Gender Bias in the Courts and Criminal Justice System
• Educate the Public and Policymakers About Online Sexual Abuse

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