Up Close and Personal with a Neighbor

I did not know Donna Morrow who lived down the street and was shocked when I read about her death and the arrest of her husband who had escaped to the Philippines.  I live in a beautiful upscale residential community close to Stanford University where it is impossible to imagine something like this happening to a neighbor.

The following four paragraphs were taken from The Almanac dated January 22, 2003.

“In an eight-page affidavit Sgt. Simpson filed in 1997 in order to get an arrest warrant for Mr. Morrow, he described Ms. Morrow as a woman who wanted to leave her abusive husband but was afraid to. She told friends and family that she was planning to get a divorce, and had hidden money in a bank account “to help her when she left Joe,” the affidavit said. That money was never touched after she disappeared, police said.

Witnesses told police that on more than one occasion, Mr. Morrow threatened to kill his wife if she ever tried to leave him, according to the affidavit. Ms. Morrow’s former lover told police that she had plans to leave Mr. Morrow, but feared it might cause him to “snap,” the affidavit said.

“At no time did Joe Morrow deny killing his wife. I believe that the murder of Donna Morrow was well thought out with deliberation and premeditation,” Sgt. Simpson said in the affidavit.

Testimony from the Morrows’ own 8-year-old daughter was also included in the affidavit. The girl told police she heard her mother screaming and her father yelling at her to shut up on the night Ms. Morrow disappeared. Then, she said, “the screaming eventually got quieter and quieter, and then stopped altogether.”

To read more click HERE.

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